Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hats Off To Eli

As any mommy will tell you, it becomes difficult to stay fashionable after having a baby. First you have to throw out everything you owned pre-baby. Then you brave buying new and larger clothes only to sport them with large milk spots on the boobs or spit-up stains else where. Finally you decide that you are ready to spruce things up with some accessories only you have no idea what's in style. Now, I may not get out much, but I have noticed a trend in hats this fall. I'd like to show you a few examples of how they can be worn.
This is the "Slacking On The Job" hat. It can be worn with any required uniform (with or without a shirt.) And is often times used by employees to protest a change in company policy.
This is "What's In That Cup" Hat It is popular among college age students and is often a tell, tell sign of too much fun. When in doubt, look for dilated pupils or slurred speech (assuming your subject in question can actually speak.)

This is the "Good Ol' Boy" Hat. It is usually sported in rural areas and is often worn by NASCAR fans. Please notice example above.

Here we have the ."Thug Baby Hat" It is worn backwards as a form of self expression. Those choosing to sport this particular fashion often sport baggy jeans and oversized shirts.

This is the "I Was Out Late Last Night And Can't Find My Pants" Hat. A fashion we hope not to see in our home in the years to come.

Hats Off You You !!

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