Friday, October 15, 2010

Hilltopper Hysteria

Tonight the WKU Men's and Women's Basketball Teams kicked off the new season, and the Watson clan was front and center (ok, more like center) but we made it. I need to interject a sidebar here and say that I feel a deep allegiance to Western Kentucky University because not only did they achieve getting $40,000 of my money, I also made wonderful friendships and met my husband...sigh!

...Moving On...

Hilltopper Hysteria was fun and FREE!! Better yet, Eli absolutely loved it! He would clap his hands and yell, "go, go, go!" It was really the first time he has ever reacted to a sporting event. Of course the large crowd, lights and music also kept him entertained. We were actually able to make it through the entire night without a single meltdown. AMAZING!!

The best part, we stayed on budget, Thrifty Family Fun...$0!!

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