Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Fall Ya'll

My most favorite time of year!! I love it. I love the cooler temperatures, I love the crisp nights, I love Eli sleeping again so that I can enjoy it. I love all the food and activities...I LOVE FALL!! So, I thought I would share a few fall favorites:

I Love that my dad made me this festive wreath for only $11...

I love taking Eli to the orchard in the afternoons. He likes to run around and play and thinks everything is simply amazing....

I love that the cooler weather gives me an excuse to sit and snuggle with this little guy....

I love that I get to enjoy this season with my two favorite gentlemen....

I Love that Eric and I spend our nights outside around the fire-pit, just the two of us, after Eli is asleep in bed. (please note that there is a baby monitor present)

I Love that Eli now does this when we tell him to smile. Food Face and all!!

Happy Fall....Ya'll!!


  1. Those are some of the most wonderful things about Fall!

  2. Yes ma'am they are! I love your blog by the way!!