Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Thrifty Thursday

Keeping in the spirit of Thrifty Thursday, I went shopping today and came across a few finds...

I found these old wooden golf clubs and leather golf bag. I think they will match Eli's room perfectly with the colors and sports theme, so we'll be using them for decoration. Four Clubs +One Bag= $5
I found these pillows, (which are more orange and yellow in real life,) that will soon be on my front porch, and the jars will be part of a new display in my kitchen. Pillows $3.50 + Jars $1.50 = $5.00.

I found this adorable animal print dress which I will need to buy leggings for, but I couldn't turn it down. The shoes were buy one get one free, and the red sweater (my WKU sweater) was exactly what I was looking for. Total $10

I also spent about ten dollars on clothes for Eli which included four shirts, a pair of pants, socks, and a Batman outfit.

My total thrifting trip...$30!!


  1. ok where did you go? that dress is soo cute! and I wish I could get cute buy one get one free shoes, but my feet are so small i can rarely find my size at thrift stores (or regular store for that matter)

  2. Sabrina, I went to Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul. My stuff was from the latter, and I always find shoes there. I can still wear a kids size shoe, so I know what you mean!! Anyhow, if you need a thrifty buddy...let me know!!