Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thifty Halloween Fun

Ya'll, I have a confession: I HATE spending money...HATE IT! Yet, I always do. Usually on food! Anyhow, Eric and I are trying to live our lives Dave Ramsey style..debt free. It's hard. So many times I want to go shopping and get a new pair of shoes, or a shirt or whatever. I went from thinking $200 was a good deal on a cocktail dress to thinking that $15 is too much. Ha!

Anyhow, recently I have come across Babbling Abby and her thrifty shopping techniques, which have inspired my life and helped expand my wardrobe. So, that got me thinking, how can I have fun on a shoestring budget. Here is what I have come up:

Thursday @ Jackson's Orchard: It's a hot spot here in Bowling with all of the typical fall favorites. Plus, it's FREE! So, this afternoon Eli and I are meeting up with some friends for a play-date. If my little guys plays his cards right, he'll get an Apple Cider Slush...Total Cost $1.50!

Friday @ Hill Topper Hysteria: When I get off of work tomorrow I am making my Mother-In-Law's Breakfast Casserole because it will be plenty of food for dinner plus leftovers for a lazy Saturday breakfast. After dinner we are headed to the FREE event Hill Topper Hysteria!! Eli already has an adorable WKU T-Shirt, so he'll be sporting that...Total Cost $0

Saturday: This day is usually a challenge as we spend WAY TOO MUCH money eating out, so I'm going to stand strong and cook. We will have leftover Breakfast Casserole for our first meal and left over Cavatini for lunch. Dinner will likely be Oven-Fried Fish with Pasta Salad. As for our fun family activity, we will take Eli back to Jackson's Orchard for the afternoon. We won't be getting our pumpkins there because we have a local farmer who sales them for $1. We'll then head home to paint them (I think carving is probably a little unsafe with Eli around...ha!) Total Cost...$15! This includes three pumpkins, paint, and some sweet snacks!

Sunday: We rest!! Lunch will be hot ham and cheese with homemade potatoes soup... Total Cost $0

I am so thankful to live in a family- friendly city where the community embraces inexpensive activities. We live in hard times and money seems to be tight for everyone, but that shouldn't mean that we need to stop having fun. For all of us, I'll likely have more inexpensive Family-Fun Ideas.


  1. I know how you is evil and I really hate it too!!

  2. We're living Dave Ramsey style too...I've gone from having no clue about the value of a dollar to cringing at the thought of spending even one! It's funny how that happens, but it's so nice to know when we will be debt free! My friend works in the marketing dept at WKU and she has been Facebooking all about Hill Topper Hysteria...should be a great time for you all! Have fun!

  3. Ladies, thanks for reading my blog. If ya'll come up with any thrifty yet fun ideas please let me know!

    Tara, who is your friend? I just had someone from the marketing department on my show this week. It would be too wild if we new each other!!