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Tummy Ache, Late Nights & Cake

Ok, so we all have mommy bloopers, right? Well this is one I have to record. Last night I stayed up past my bedtime and didn't hit the hay until after ten, which is very late for me. Not getting eight full hours of sleep really stresses me out! I had been asleep for about forty minutes when low and behold, Eli starts wailing. I'm not talking a "let's let him cry it out" wimper, I am talking alarm sounding, dog scaring, WAIL.

In a stupor I pick him up and rock him back to sleep. I then place him back in his bed at which point he wakes up in the same state. Thinking he clearly needed to cry it out, I went back to bed. About 15 minutes later I hear Eric up with him. Upon further investigation into the problem, my wonderful and ever so cautious husband, realized that I had given Eli an antibiotic on an empty stomach...oops! Poor guy was miserable, so we tried to feed him bread to help settle the tummy ache. It didn't work. I told Eric to go to bed, and I would handle it. So, we talked, we danced, we rocked, and still the poor guy wailed. So, I started thinking, "what will a baby eat at midnight?" Then, it came to me...CAKE!!

So, I did what any desperate mom would do, I fed my one year old CAKE in the middle of the night. That's right!! Funfetti Cake at that. It did occur to me after about three bites that while it would help the tummy, the sugar might reek havoc on sleep. So, I was a good mother and ate the icing for him. Ha!! He didn't mind though. I think he was just blown away that he got to eat in the middle of the night!

My trickworked because about 20 minutes later he was sound asleep and that's the way he stayed until Eric had to wake him up this morning.

While I won't likely be giving my child cake in the middle of the night EVER again, and while I'll likely not be as patient if he awakes again tonight, I love the memory of that moment and the desperation that lead me to feed my son cake at midnight.

P.S. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER give him an antibiotic an an empty stomach again!!


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