Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Cards

It's FINALLY that time of year. The time when we fill our calendars with Christmas activities, our stockings with goodies and our mailboxes with letters. I for one am super excited about our Christmas cards this year. I haven't designed them just yet, but have already picked out my template from Shutterfly all I have to do now is get our pictures done.

I use the website for all of my photo projects from cards to books and have been so happy with the selections they offer as well as their pricing and shipping options. I first used Shutterfly last winter for our family Christmas cards. There were literally hundreds of designs to choose from which was nice. They had every color, size, paper option, photo count you could imagine. And for me, options usually mean stress, but Shutterfly makes it easy. They allow you to search by card size, color, photo count and on and on. Once you select what you want, they make it easy. All you have to do it upload the pictures you want and "ta da" you're good to go. Shipping is great too because it comes either straight to your house or can be sent directly to the person(s) of your choosing. Last year I waited until the last minute to order, and even during the holiday rush, my cards made it to me very quickly.

I was so impressed by my Christmas experience with Shutterfly that I used them again for Saint Patrick's Day and for Eli's birthday inviations.

While I love all of the ordering options from Shutterfly, my favorite thing is their archiving service. It's fast, free and easy. Last month our camera (with more than 800 pictures) was stolen. I had loaded all of them but twenty to Shutterfly. Now all of my memories are preserved, and I am forever thankful for that.

To find out more about Shutterfly and how you can make your holiday cards and projects, just go to

Also, stay tuned for our 2010 Christmas Card!!

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