Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Rainbow

Eric and I have been so blessed to have made deep and wonderful friendships since living in Bowling Green. With our families living away, it sometimes gets tough. Last Thursday we lost many material possessions when our home was robbed. Despite what was taken, I can't help but look at what was extended Bowling Green Family. So many people became our heroes through simple acts of kindness and no words can express our gratitude.

I will never forget the desk clerk at the hotel who gave us a cheaper rate due to our circumstances. I will never forget the bank teller who let us draw out enough cash for dinner after our accounts had been frozen. I'll never forget the countless other acts of kindness that I won't go into detail with here because it would be too much information to post on the internet But most importantly, I am thankful for our family and friends and their kindness to us.

The Lindsey Family- I met Ashley while working at Chick-fil-A and we formed a fast friendship. Eric and Andrew have since become friends, and Eli's love for Emma and Macy speaks for itself. When it became apparent last Thursday that we would be spending hours with police and neighbors making sense of what had happened, I needed some place to send Eli. He was fussy and wanted to play, but with the investigation he couldn't be let down. It was also important to me that he not pick up on the situation. Ashley kindly took Eli in. Feeding him, playing with him, even loading him up and taking him to Emma's school play. I trust many people with my son, but she is one of only two people here in the city I would consider leaving him with during an emergency.

Darrel Carrier: Darrel built our home and has become our surrogate father. He takes care of things like a leaky crawlspace, reseeding our front yard, and transporting our mower. Within two hours of discovering our break-in, Darrel (who was out of town) had someone at our house to check the locks so that we would be safe until they could be replaced. The following day he showed us how to use the ADT Security System that was installed. Just seeing a friendly face made all the difference.

The Adkins Family: Oh my goodness, where to begin. Eric had known Gabe through a mutual friend, but hey themselves did not hang out much. So, you can imagine our surprise when Gabe and Tina came to visit us in the hospital with one- week- old baby Owen in tow! We quickly got into the routine of a weekly game nights and they were glued in quite fast to my lack of cooking skills...ha! While our game nights have become "chase the boys around" nights, our friendship has remained strong. We truly love this family and they are the ONLY OTHER family we would consider leaving Eli with (them and the Lindsey family)!! The Adkins were kind and checked on us often over the weekend. Then, this past Tuesday they asked if they could treat us to dinner. If that wasn't enough, they brought us their spare camera since ours had been stolen. This humbled my heart more than you can ever possibly understand and was one of kindest things anyone had ever done. I tear up just thinking about it. I will never, ever forget that moment. Thank you!!

Our Families: Of course Eric and I come from extremely supportive families and we are thankful for his parents who came and changed the locks and to mine who watched Eli this past week when he as too sick to go to daycare.

Our Church Family: We are grateful to our Sunday School teacher and Pastor who have called to check on us and who have held our family up in prayer.

So much was lost that day, but so much more was gained. We are truly blessed to have been loved by so many during our time of need. We want to thank each of you. For those of you who have emailed me, facebooked, me, called me...thank you. Our hearts are truly humbled by your love and support!!

Sometimes you have to look hard to see the rainbow after the rain, but in our case it was quite easy. The colors of love have shown bright through this storm and we are forever grateful!!

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  1. Thank you for your comment on my cakes!!! Again so thankful yall weren't hurt during this. Praying for yall. so thankful also that yall have so many wonderful ppl to be there for you in your time of need.