Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi My Name Is Morgan

Hi Ya'll....My name is Morgan and I am a recovering perfectionist! Ha! Ok, I have to admit that I love blogging, but I have fallen into this trap of wanting what ya'll have...the seemingly perfect life. I read about your families, your dinners, your weekends and I catch myself wanting them. Sad day! Ya'll are wonderful and have amazing lives but trying to be just like you isn't healthy.

I sent this to a friend this morning and wanted to share it you:

On that note I have done some praying and thinking this weekend and have come to some interesting
conclusions. I think I am a recovering
perfectionist. You see, I have been trying so hard to
have the perfect life, the perfect house, the perfect
marriage, the perfect kids...ha! Why is this? I
have never been that way. I've always been an
unorganized, talkative girly girl! When I became a
parent why did I expect to suddenly become Holly

I'd rather be at the gym than in the kitchen. I
would rather be chasing Eli than cleaning the
bathroom. I would rather be trying on clothes than
washing them!! So why on earth did I expect to
suddenly like domestic chores...CRAZY!!

I know there is a time and place for everything and that domestic
duties are part of my new responsibility. However, I
cannot lose myself in them. God made me unique with
special talents, interest and skills. Trying to be
something I'm not (no matter how good the intentions)
is not healthy. It has caused me much pain, much
exhaustion and instead of making my home a happy
place, it has become a clean, functional, nightmare.

Ya'll the truth we go:

1. I am Exhausted 99% Of The Time.
2. My Child Doesn't Always Sleep Through The Night (but we are improving)
3. I Hate Cooking...And I'm Terrible At It
4. I'm A Moody Person And Sometimes Rude To Eric
5. I Don't Go To The Gym Regularly Thanks To Other Duties
6. I'm Good With Money But Forget To Pay Bills On Time
7. I Love Eli More Than Life But Find Parenting EXTREMELY Stressful
8. I Never, Ever Iron Our Clothes And Could Go Weeks Without Doing Laundry
9. I Hate Clutter So I just Throw Things Away By The Masses
10. I Love A Clean House But It Rarely Stays That Way...I Have A Husband and Child


So, if you live a crazy life of sleepless nights, one dish dinners, marital mishaps, late bills, dirty laundry and general disorganization...well this is the blog for you.

Hi My Name is Morgan...welcome to the chaos!!

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  1. Amen sister! When I first got married I think I was living on newlywed adrenaline bc our house was always spotless and I cooked every night.... ha! then reality set in and we just had to figure out what works for us. winter is the worst time for me- i just dont function well in cold! so my house is messier, i cook some but not all the time, and justin has to actually help out. but you know what? we have never been happier- dirty house and all!

    and i am so feeling you on the bills! why cant all of them just automatically come out of my checking account??!! ugh!