Monday, January 3, 2011

Let It All Begin

With the new year comes a new beginning, and I can't wait to de-clutter my house and make way for 2011. You see, I am a neat freak. My house in quite clean. In fact I clean the bathrooms weekly from top to bottom and wipe them down daily. I vacuum twice a week and polish all of my furniture every Monday. However, I am not organized! And as clean as I may be, my closets look like a tornado ripped through, I have a half dozen frames without pictures in them, and various other projects that are not complete. So, if I am MIA this week, it's because I am busy cleaning and organizing my house. Here are a few things on my list:

1. Blog about New Year's Weekend
2. Complete My Cleaning Schedule
3. Put Away Christmas Decorations
4. Organize House

Here's a List Of Our Room By Room Projects

1. My Closet- out with the old//in with the new (new shelving as well.
2. Bedroom-organize dresser
3. Laundry Room- reorganize//lower shelve//fix door
5. Eli's Bathroom- Hang Shelf//Buy Frames//Hang Pictures
6. Family Room- Take Down Christmas//Move Toys//New Desk Area
7. Kitchen- Clean Oven/Clean Refrigerator// Clean Microwave
8. Closets- organize and re-shelve coat closet and hall closet.

I'm starting on my projects today and will be done by Saturday night. We have no plans until dinner time on Saturday and that will be our reward for all our hard work.

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