Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Disclaimer: I continue to embrace the chaos and admit that my next blogging topic did indeed happen nearly two weeks ago...oops!

Back to the topic at hand. Ya'll know that we are a house divided! I'm a UK girl and Eric U of L freak. Ha! Anyway, we have a common ground when it comes to WKU. Sadly however, they pretty much stink...bad!
So when we went to the game this last time it was more about fellowship than fanfare. Of course we so enjoyed one of our favorite families...the Adkins!!

We had tons of fun posing for pictures, but Eli and I couldn't get it together enough to look at the camera at the same...ha!

The girls Softball Team was there and sat next to Eli. One of them made the mistake of eating a sucker which Eli tried to swipe. Luckily Tina was prepared and had an extra one. Eli was delighted and enjoyed waving the towel and chowing down!

I think Eli and Own enjoyed departing the game because outside was a ginormous basketball...every toddlers dream!!

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