Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Saturday

This past weekend was one of the most delightful breaks I've had in quite sometime. Friday night we had to run to the pharmacy for more medicine. We came home, fed Eli, put him to bed and had some alone time...no worries..this is PG!

Actually we had steak, baked potato, salad and dessert by candlelight. It was so nice to sit and talk without having our conversation interrupted every three minutes! Anyway, we were so tired we fell asleep on the couch. HOT, Huh? (Told you it was PG)

Saturday morning Eli and I woke up and spent some special time playing before Eric got up and fixed us a big country breakfast...a Saturday favorite!!

The three of us went to town to run some errands. We were actually supposed to eat out for lunch, but Eli dozed off. So instead, we came home to enjoy the nice day.

While Eric worked on cleaning the car, Eli and I played basketball, took a walk and ran around the yard. Afterwards we headed back to town to eat dinner with the Adkins and have some delightful dessert!

We came home, put Eli to bed, and crashed again!

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  1. Alone time with great conversation is the best! I absolutely love that time that I get to share with my guy!

    Eli is such precious! I love the pictures of him walking!