Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we went to Lexington to help my parents move and to spend a little time relaxing. I really slacked in the picture department, but it was a fun trip.

Friday we left when Eric got off work and we ate at McDonald's on the way. Of course Eli got lots of love when we finally made it.

Saturday we slept in and helped Mom and Dad get some things to Goodwill. We did a little "thifting" and I came home with some tune in Thursday for the latest...ha! Afterwords we ate at Mellow Mushroom and my sister met up with is.

For the record Eli had the worse night of his life and decided to stay up from 1:30 was AWFUL!!

We slept in and had a low-key Sunday before getting back for our church group Sunday night.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend as well!

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