Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Evolution Of The Picture

It's Monday and we could all use a little "pick-me-up," so I thought I would post a blooper picture. Have you ever tried to get a family picture with a toddler? Not fun!!

TAKE 1: This was taken at my in-laws house on Eric's birthday. As you can see, Eric is smiling quite nicely at the camera while the rest of us were try to get Eli's attention. Sadly, he was much more enthralled by the prospect of eating take.

Take 2: We foolishly decided that I should hop in the picture for a group shot. As you can see in this example, Eric and I are mutually looking at the camera and showing off our "pearly whites." Meanwhile, sweet Eli refuses to smile after being denied cake.

Take 3: Not loving our pout-face picture we tried again. Take a look, I am clearly not paying attention to the camera as I was desperately trying to get Eli to smile. But don't focus on the two of us too look. Please turn your attention to the creepy smile Eric is giving the camera...ha!

Three strikes and your out. That family photo session was over....enjoy them this morning! And remember taking family pictures with a toddle may very well be impossible!!

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