Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Night

That's right...last night was a GOOD one!! At bedtime I sang Eli completely to sleep which I rarely do. Once he was out, I just rocked and prayed. I prayed for peace, rest, patience, joy, strength and an endless list of there things on my mind. When I finally came out of his room I just spent some time in worship and felt complete peace going to bed. Eli awoke at 2:30 and when I went to check on him he was drenched. I had forgotten to move his sippy cup, and he'd rolled over on it. Actually, he wasn't awake. He was just crying in his sleep. I took off his pj bottoms and moved him to the pack n play in our room. I could literally feel your prayers when he immediately started crying and I didn't overreact. I just patted his little back and sang to him. In no time he was asleep. It lasted a short time before he awoke again and I sang to him once more. At that point he was out and had to be awakened this morning, Your prayers are carrying us through, so please keep them coming. Also, after talking with several people (including professionals) I have learned that there is a link between sleep deprivation and depression which would explain my highs and lows. It's actually a relief to know that I'm not just "weak." Instead, there is sound medical evidence of this type of baby blues. My God is bigger than that and I clinging to him for strength, but am not opposed to seeking professional help if needed. But for now, recognizing the problem is a major accomplishment and I'm taking it one night at a time. Thanks again for you care and love. Keep on praying!!


  1. me anytime. Praying for you all. are better than me Lennon is in my bed. I HAVE to sleep or I might hurt someone and I teach. hee hee. Anyways Lennon said the other night after getting home from the farm. Eli is my best friend. too cute. Love ya'll.

  2. wonderful for Eli..and especially wonderful for you. I'm glad you felt those prayers..because they were there. Looking squarely at what is happening to you is beneficial as well. I'm so proud of you..I could pop!

  3. Thank you all so much for you support. We are so blessed to be backed by your prayers!!