Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just For Me

This post is just for me to remember what is going on in our home. I complain a lot about Eli's sleep, but never document what happened in detail. I want to remember it all, so if it happens again I'll be able to notice a pattern. That's being said, feel free to stop reading at any time.

Eli slept until 4:30 this morning!! I tried to put him in the pack n play and he threw a royal fit, so I tried to reason with him and when it didn't work I took him back in his room and made him cry it out. Eric was wonderful in making me stay strong and not go get him. He awoke again as I was leaving and Eric stayed strong himself and made Eli cry again.

I tell you all of this because I'm seeing a parallel between the middle of the night episode and daily tantrums. Eli has a been displaying signs of a bad temper, but I usually just walk away. Plus, I've been so blinded by the sleep issue that I've not been extremely consistent with other behavioral problems. Well, the Lord is showing me that my job isn't solely to make him sleep. It's also to raise him into a man. And men should not throw temper tantrums.

At 4:30 this morning it hit me like a ton of bricks...IT"S ALL RELATED. When I run to his beckon call in the middle of the night it sends a message of instant gratification. So, when he wants something during that day he uses the same boy!

So, we're going to let him cry it out. Not just because it works for sleep issues, but because he needs to learn there is no gratification in tears. I like to think of it as cause and effect...ha!

Anyway, God has been gracious in dealing with me and continues to reveal my short comings in gentle but effective ways. I am learning so much this season. Seems shallow, but I'll share more later.

Ok, I'm done! I'll have a fun post later tonight!

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  1. I'll share a cute story with you....when my oldest grandson Ozzy was about 2 or so, and he'd throw one of those big fat epic "go to pieces", I'd, like you did, try to ignore it. Everything became a whinefest. Finally one afternoon, after having had enough, I said "Oz..if you want to throw a fit its fine with me..but go to your room and do it...stay there until your done, then you can come out. Mammaw does NOT want to watch such nonsense". Morgan..I tell you that kid looked thunderstruck. He trundled off to his room grumbling every step...but I caught him peeking at me later to see if I was noticing! Ha!!!! You're right...they sure are smart!!