Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

After a long and exhausting week, I am tired of being "Debbie Downer," and ready to show you the good side of life! After work I picked Eli up at daycare and took him to get a milkshake for being a good. It was so nice being outside and enjoying my boy. Well, while we were sitting there Eric called to say he had tickets to tonight's ball game. I was a mess from my workout, but decided to go anyway....that means excuse my appearance!

After eating at Pizza Hut for dinner we headed into the ball park. My flip-flop broke on the way in and I nearly broke my neck..ha!

We tried to buy a replacement at the gift shop, but they didn't have shoes. Instead we bought Eli a Hot Rods helmet. He loved it and wore it the entire game.

The guys in front of us caught a fowl ball and game it to Eli. It was the cutest thing ever because he was so proud!

Before we left the park he went to the kid's section with his new treasures and pretended to play baseball. It's amazing how quickly they catch on.

The cutest moment of the night was not documented in pictures, but I had to share. Eli fell asleep while I was rocking with a bat in one hand a ball in the other. . . oh, be still my heart!

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