Thursday, June 16, 2011

All In A Days Work

The Holley Hot Rod Reunion is in Bowling Green this weekend, and there are people from all over the world here to watch drag races. Crazy, I know! Today I headed out to do some coverage of the event for our station and had the chance to get in a "Top Fuel" Racer.

Here's a look at the car..INSANE!!

The engine runs off of pure alcohol, so the fumes are terrible. I had to wear a mask when I got in. It's also incredibly loud, so I'm wearing wear muffs like people use on the tarmac at airports.

It takes a whole slew of people to get these things started. You can see the guy behind me, who is the driver. The other two are part of the racing crew and each have to help get the engine started.

Just look at the engine and tires on this beast!!

It goes 180 thanks!!

I had to put this one in too. Even though I was wearing so much protective gear, my eyes couldn't take it. Even closed there were tears pouring out!

Ya'll I've been bungee jumping, sky-diving and everything in between and NOTHING has made me more nervous that this! I was terrified that I would burst into flames. Which is a common occurance for me sadly. ANYWAY... All in all, I would say it was a pretty successful day at work...have I mentioned that I LOVE MY JOB!!

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