Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day

Because I have to work virtually every holiday, we both took off on Friday to celebrate an early Memorial Day with Eric's family. After work on Thursday we headed to Marion and of course Eli was excited to see Nan and Grandad.

Friday morning Eli woke up sick, so the doctor had to call in some eye drops. Other than that, it was a pretty quite day of playing ball, four wheeler riding and the creek.

Saturday morning is when my mom called to say that Dad had been in an accident. He was trimming a branch when it fell and it a power-line. I'll post information about the accident after this.

We actually stayed in Marion because we had no clue what we were up against. We didn't want to rush home only to spend weeks in the hospital. We also didn't want to be away should things get worse. It was hard, but it was the best thing we could for Eli.

We spent the rest of the weekend worrying about Dad, playing with cousins and eating the best food ever.

Sunday night we headed back to Bowling Green because I had to work on Monday, but as soon as the show was over we were on the road to see my dad.

It was an eventful Memorial Day weekend that we will obviously never forget.

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