Thursday, June 2, 2011


Long time no type...ha! My heart did a little happy dance when I hit "new post." I took a little blogging hiatus to deal with some issue of depression I was having, but the Lord has relieved me of that burden and I can't help but be giddy with this new found peace...PRAISE HIM.

Otherwise, we have been hanging out at home playing ball with Eli, swimming, and visiting family. I'm in high "Dave Ramsey" gear, which I'm sure you will hear (read) more about during the next few months. Oh, and I'm on a semi-health kick. Other than that sleep is okay and everything else is same ole/ same ole!

Our summer started off with a bang...literally! My dad was electrocuted and fell out of a tree. I think he broke virtually every bone in his body..ha! No really, it was bad but could have been much worse. I'll share more on that later, but until then we are praising God for protecting my dad!

You can expect lots of posts from me this month because we have a lot of exciting things going on here are some of the things I am looking forward to this month.

1. Church Softball
2. Hot Rods Baseball
3. Brooke's Wedding
4. Play Dates
5. Beech Bend Park
6. Clay's Birthday
7. Father's Day
8. My Birthday
9. Ice Cream And A MOOVIE
10. Back Porch Make-Over
11. Emily's Birthday
12. Sarah's Birthday

Be still be heart!! I love summer!!

On a final and completely random note, I want a blog make-over. The design I have is lovely (thank you hubby) but it reminds me of the difficult season I just came through. I want to put it all behind me, and I want something bright and upbeat to symbolize the joy in my heart!!

Ok, more to come on my dad and Memorial day weekend. Until then, here is me and my boy!


  1. We want to go to Ice Cream and a MOOVIEE when you guys go! We have always wanted to go and never made it the past five summers! goodness!

    glad you are feeling better girl- i am always here!

  2. ANYTIME...we are going next Friday, so let me know!