Thursday, June 23, 2011

Story Time With Eli

I know we just had Story Time With Eli, but that boy is so funny these days that I couldn't resist another.

Monday after my workout, I put on a t-shirt to wear around the house. It was brown and sported three small ice cream cones right in the chest region. Well, I was sitting with Eli on the couch when I notice him studying me, and since he's usually sorta hyper I was concerned.

So I aked, "Eli, whatcha lookin' at?" He scrunched up his little face, narrows in inquisitive eyes and pointed right to "the girls."

He then proceeded to ask, "What's that."

Not prepared to share the facts of life with a two year old, I dodged the birds and bees topic by bringing attention to the ice cream cones. Turns out that's what he meant anyway...oops!

So, I said, "Eli, that's ice cream."

I'm telling you, nothing could prepare me for what he did next. He leans into my chest, licks the ice cream (a.k.a boobs) and says, "Mmm!!!"

Oh my stars, I can't wait to tell that to my future daughter in law...haha!!

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  1. even though i have already heard this story- i laughed out loud reading it again! ha! love it!