Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swimming, Snow Cone And Softball

I've mentioned it before and I'll probably bring it up a few hundred times more before September, but I LOVE summer! Take our Monday for example. Normally I clean, but since it was going to be the only sunny day this week, I skipped the chores and spent some time enjoying the sunshine with my boy.

First there was swimming. Then when Eric got home we used our snow cone machine to make a tasty summer treat. It was a pretty big hit. See...

Finally we loaded up and went to Eric's softball game. We absolutely LOVE our church family, so spending our summer nights cheering them on at the ballfield it precious!

We have so many fun things planned this summer and I want to soak it all up (including the sun) because I'll look back on this moment in time and miss my sweet baby and those summer nights.

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