Monday, August 29, 2011

Camping: Take Two

This past weekend we had the chance to camp with our dear friends the Adkins! We made some wonderful memories and the boys had a blast. This was our second attempt at introducing our son to the Great Of Doors, and lets just say that "Camping: Take Two" didn't go so well for Eli.

Friday after work we met up with Gabe, Tina and Owen at the local KOA. They had a cabin and we were excited to stay the night with them. Well, I should have known the weekend would be interesting when Eli fell off the bed, drove a Tonka Truck in the toilet, ate a chip off of the cabin floor, and fell in the fire pit...all before dinner!!

Here is little Dennis! Can't you just see it in his eyes? Ha! He and "Owie" had such a great time!

Gabe grilled us some AMAZING Kabobs for dinner. We let the boys play until about 11 then it was off to bed...sorta!

We watched part of the Lion King on my Iphone and Eli dozed off easily...for about 20 minutes! After that, it was an all nighter. LITERALLY!! I stayed up with him for a few hours so Eric could sleep and then he took a turn so I could! I think we each slept about two hours.

Saturday morning we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then brought the boys back to play. We'd originally planned to stay until about 3:00, but Eric and Eli were headed to Nashville later and needed a nap before driving! So, the boys played while Tina and I went to a consignment soon!!

When we got back, we took Eli and Owen to the playground to burn off some energy. It's amazing how Eli just keeps going and going, even on an hour of sleep!

I love this picture because it sums up the trip...ha! Truth is: the trip was a lot of fun, even if we didn't get to sleep. We have been so blessed to make a second family here with the Adkins and the boys truly LOVE each other...they are best friends!

Hopefully Eli will develop his Momma and Daddy's love for camping. Until then, we are going to put another trip off until next summer!!

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