Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eli's Party

Ya'll I haven't complained once about this hot weather because I LOVE summer, but today's cooler air makes me ready for fall!! The highlight of the summer is now Eli's birthday and we had his party Saturday night, so I say BRING ON A NEW SEASON!! Anyway, here is a look at the big bash...

After being in the hospital most of the week, we decided to have a low key celebration with family. Since my dad was in town helping, he drove me around to get the stuff I needed. Then he and my mom kept Eli so Eric and I could buy gifts. (Eric's family came in town the next day) Above are his presents and as you can see, he scored BIG TIME!!

Eric is a wiz at graphic design and made Eli this super cool poster!! He also borrowed a projector so we could host our own drive-in theatre and watch "Cars" ! He even made a movie to show at the beginning...he's so awesome!!

Everyone had their own bag of popcorn for the show thanks to Sam's bulk sale and Dollar Tree bags!!

We served pizza from Little Ceasar's and ate on "Cars" plates I bought at the dollar store...SCORE!!!

After dinner the Birthday Boy was eager to tear into his presents, and let me tell you everyone was more than generous.

Of course no party is complete without singing Happy Birthday!! Here we are with our little man!

After blowing out the candles it was time for everyone to head outside to watch the movie. It was so much fun watching "Cars" on the side of our house. Plus, when the boys got the wiggles we could let them run free!

I am so happy we decided to celebrate despite the crazy week. Eli was so happy to have his entire family here...maybe next year we'll invite friends!

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