Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mission Organization

Ya'll I don't know about you, but there is something about the changing seasons that gives me this deep urge to organize. I'm pretty laid back, so total organization is sorta overwhelming to me, but I see the need in a new light.

Back when I had my surgery Dad came to help with Eli, so while I was in the hospital he did all my laundry and cleaned the house. Sadly, he laid several grouping of stuff on my bed for me to put away because he couldn't find where they went. I'm talking bras mixed with undies sorta thing...not a biggie!
Well, here comes the biggie: When it came time to wrap Eli's gifts later that week, we couldn't find any of the four pair of scissors I keep in house. The wrapping paper, tape, boxes, bags and bows were found in no less than three separate locations, thus something that should have taken twenty minutes turned into an hour..seriously? Still, this is a minor thing in life.

It however opened my eyes to the need for some type of organization in my home. In the past month we have lost (and then found) a dog leash, several medications, a few pair of shoes, keys, and countless other things. And ya'll I'm a neat freak...just not so organized! Anyway, I could save tons of time and "words" if things had a place. So Mission Organization has begun. I searched the super cool Pininterest site for ideas, but some people are just crazy with organization. I bet it takes them more time to keep it that way than it does for me to look for lost items. Anyway, I did find a few suggestions that are practle and would be beneficial to my home.
I am reorganizing my home top to bottom. I hope to be finished my Easter...ha! Anyway, I'm starting with the coat closet today and will progress from room to room from there.

Ok, I'm stressed now, so I'm gonna run...wish me luck. Oh, and I'll take lots of pictures for you!

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