Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There Is A Season

"There is a season turn, turn, turn." I have the song made famous by The Byrds stuck in my head right now. I'm a little melancholy as I hum the tune, that's because I just realized that we have the rest of this week and all of next before summer unofficially ends...can you believe it?

Fall is my favorite time of year, but I'm a little sad to see this season go. It's been a whirlwind of a summer starting on Memorial Day when my dad had his accident. Then there was Beech Bend Park, Ice Cream & A MOOvie, lots of swimming, vacation, and my birthday. That was just June.

July found us celebrating the Fourth, camping out, visiting Nan & Grandad, visiting my brother in the hospital, finishing the building, making-over the front porch, and going to Lexington.

So far this month we have had emergency surgery, met Brobee and Foofa, had Eli's birthday party, been to see CarsII, gone to Beech Bend again, and visited family.

Somewhere in the mix were birthdays for Clay, Emily, Sarah, me, Amy, Nan, PawPaw, Granny, Tina, Owen and Papaw. Let's not forget Father's Day too! Shew, I'm tired just thinking about it.

It has been a summer full of lots of adventures, a few tears, wonderful memories and precious time with family. And while we did so much, I feel like we left so much out. I wanted to go to more ballgames, swim more and make it to more outdoor movies. Sadly, I won't be able to pack all of that into these next few days.

What I will do is praise the God who give us seasons both physically and spiritually. It's hard to see this summer go, yet I look ahead to the next season with great excitement!

There will be a camping trip, Kings Island, NBC's Premier Party, tailgating, an anniversary trip, homecoming parades, hiking, pumpkin carving, Halloween, and birthdays for Mimi, Grandad and Colby. There will be Thanksgiving, holiday dinners, Christmas movies, Breakfast with Santa, the Polar Express, Company Christmas Parties, Christmas Parades and million other things to look forward to this fall and winter.

My prayer is that I will await those blessed events with the anticipation and joy of child, yet immerse myself in the emotions and the realness of each passing moment, because it won't be too long before I become melancholy thinking of this season.

This is a little sappy, but while I was Eli at the park tonight I couldn't help but think about where we were this time last year. He wasn't even walking!! Now not only is walking and running, he in going down the BIG slides all by himself!! It breas my heart to think how big he'll be next year.

So instead of worry about tomorrow, I'm going tp soak in today.

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