Saturday, September 24, 2011

At It Again

This morning was the Walk To End Alzheimer's here in Bowling Green. My station is a media sponsor so Radar The Weather Dog and I headed out to the event. It's always so nice getting out into the community!

We have a school appearance this Wednesday and Radar's Birthday Party is Saturday. He's such a celebrity!

After the walk, I came home to my boys. I've actually cooked two meals today if you can believe that! I also finished reorganizing my family room and dining room..whoot! Meanwhile Eric worked on the new shelf for Eli's playroom, and of course there was lots of playing in the back yard with a few game of baseball and golf!!

I'm typing this while watching the Cats become Gator meat, so now I need to throw tomorrow's lunch in the crockpot and give my little guy a know, to get over this horrid loss!

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