Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jackson's Orchard

It seems like it has rained all fall, so when the weather finally broke yesterday, we took advantage and went to Jackson's Orchard for the first time. I'll probably take Eli several more times this season, but we wanted Daddy to come along for the first trip!

Good thing too, because Eli loved riding the Cider Slider with him.

He also enjoyed playing on the wooden tractor and drinking an apple slush!

After a taking a gander at the goats and a few more trips down the slide, we let him pick out a few treats to take home. Let me tell you, giving a two-year-old a thousand pumpkins to choose from is a bit much!

But he FINALLY decided!!

We got the pumpkin, apple cider, some candy and headed for home. We grilled hamburgers and pretty much lounged around for the rest of the night. In fact, my wonderful husband took baby duty and let me go to bed at 7:45!!

It was the perfect ending to the perfect afternoon!!

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  1. I LOVE Jackson's Orchard this time of year! What a great day with the fam.