Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Musings

It's a beautiful Monday here in Kentucky with lots of sunshine and some awesome weather...oh how I heart fall, ya'll!

I got out some of the fall decorations on Saturday. I hope to buy mums and pumpkins this weekend to finish it all out...expect pictures soon.

I also finished up all of my shopping for Eli's winter guessed it...more pictures! I'm actually in the process of washing them all and getting them in the closet.

Speaking of washing clothes, I did a ton of laundry this weekend and even cooked a big Sunday lunch since we had to skip church thanks to Eli's cold.

Moving On...It's a very busy week for us...

Wednesday starts our new Bible study at church and I am so excited!!

Thursday is our stations "Premier Party." This is where we highlight all of the new shows coming up on NBC and CBS. It's a big shindig with all our clients complete with amazing food, great drinks and a night out for me and Eric....yay!

Friday is the last Ice Cream and MOOvie for the! The good news is they are showing Toy Story 3!

Sunday we're driving up to Lexington for the Walk To End Alzheimer's. Afterwards, we are getting our family pictures taken. Here's what you won't see...

there will be no upside down babies...

or blotched photoshop jobs..

or crazy mullet hair...

or matching outfits...lets just go ahead and rule out red to be safe...haha!

Other than that, I'm sure there is going to be a lots of coloring and baseball playing and car driving until we make it to get our pictures done... Here's to a great week!

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