Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sometimes We Forget

I'm in that season of life where pretty much everyone I know if having a baby. I'm also the mother of a two year old which means I get asked when I'm having another one...A LOT!!

The answer is, "Not just yet." I LOVE having a toddler. I love his curiosity and his enthusiasm for life. I love that he learns something new every day. I love that he is eager to please, but not yet aware enough to be embarrassed of his mistakes.

I love having a toddler. In fact, this has been my favorite age. I remember not too long ago having to carry three bottles and some formula in the diaper bag along with a change of clothes in the event of a blow out. I remember gassy babies, and up all niters (there were lots of those.) I remember the uncertainty of being a mom and the anxiety of making it all work. I remember thinking that he would be my only child because it was just too much!

I am so quick to remember the bad, that I forget the good. In fact, I'm pretty sure every age has been my favorite at some point. Here is why....

I forgot about a time when Eli couldn't run around the house and jump off tables. It blows my mind that he was actually stationary at one point.

Because I'm now at work in the mornings I had forgotten what it was like to see this smiling face when he awoke. Such precious mornings we shared.

I had forgotten how messy he ate, and the poop face that let me know a diaper change was coming. He's still a messy eater, but I've wised up and now strip him down to a diaper. Plus, now he tells me when he poops...sometimes in public!

I had forgotten what it was like to put him in silly poses. Now I"m lucky to get a picture that isn't blurred from his movement.

I'd forgotten how much he LOVED baths...still does really, but he doesn't get cross-eyed anymore. In fact, now I have to mop up water from all the splashing that goes on.

I forgot all about letting him play on bed while I brushed my teeth. Now, he sits on the vanity next to me and brushes his too.

I forgot all about crying fits when we put on his coat. With winter approaching again, it should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Sometimes when we are in the thick of dirty diapers, endless laundry, and sleepless nights we forget to cherish all the precious moments. I was guilty of that, but not anymore.

I've learned to enjoy each age as it comes because whether it's being up all night with a screaming baby or sitting in the hospital waiting room with a toddler there will be stressful moments, and we'll remember those for years to come.

But we can't be quick to forget the beauty of each age, no matter how insane it may seem at the time.


  1. Precious! I can't get over how much darker his hair used to be!

  2. Oh my this is SO true! I was just talking the other day about "favorite" ages and then I as I started thinking, I realized that there has been something that I truly love about each stage that Charli has went through. No, some were not easy but it has been so much fun being a Mommy to her and I cannot imagine the fun we will have once Bryar arrives!
    Sorry I have been being a bad blogger friend lately. My days have been SO incredibly lazy with being up in this house all day until Tuesdays when we go to the Doctor. I hope you are doing great and having a wonderful week!