Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weight Watchers - Week One

Well ya'll, I took the plunge and joined Weight Watchers which was a mild blow to my pride. After six years of competing in pageants and some health classes in college, I am fairly well versed when it comes to healthy eating. I say mildly because my best friend is a registered dietitian, so I talk to her A LOT!

Anyway, knowing and doing are two completely different things and I've been slacking. After a lot of research, I decided give Weight Watchers a whirl because it focuses on making lifestyle changes verses a quick fixes. Plus, it doesn't focus on leaving out major food groups but rather works toward a healthy balance.

The main reason I went with Weight Watchers was accountability. I am HIGHLY competitive so being accountable in a group really motivates me. I'm still embarrassed of my starting weight, but it is being recorded. I'll eventually come back to add it. Until then, here is a look at at this week's stats!

Starting Weight: 1*3
Current Weight
: 1*2
Pounds Lost This Week: 1lbs
Total Pounds Lost: 1lbs
Best Moment: Taking 2 minutes off my walk time
Worst Moment: Realizing my starting weight was 3lbs heavier than I thought :(
Cravings: Potato Chips
What I Miss: Fried Food

Overview: Exercising was really easy for me this week. I'm the weirdo who actually enjoys a sweat! Sadly, I don't always balance it with healthy eating options. The Weight Watcher's program has been eye opening for me. Originally, I was journaling my food, but not adding it to my online account until night, so I ended up eating more than I realized. So, I downloaded the iPhone app on Sunday and have been doing much better ever since. Otherwise, we ate out several times over the weekend and my grandmother cooked. Needless to say, one pound was good considering all of this!

My goal this week is to lose at least two more pounds which is attainable. I have also been using my phone throughout the day to update my online account which has helped me stay within my points. Oh, and I have been walking instead of running. My goal is to get a 15 minute mile. Yesterday was 15:08...I'm so close!!

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