Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weight Watchers- Week Two

I am happy to report that week two went EXTREMELY well! In fact I have lost a grand total of 5lbs, and let me tell you what, I am giving God all the glory. This process is humbling my heart in so may ways and showing me that I can do NOTHING without Christ. He is my strength in this battle, and I am seeing a spiritual change along with a physical one!

That being said, here is a look at this week's stats!

Starting Weight: 1*3 lbs

Current Weight: 1*8 lbs

Pounds Lost This Week: 4lbs

Total Pounds Lost: 5lbs

Best Moment: Getting my first "accomplishment" sticker at the meeting!!

Worst Moment: Figuring out that my points carry over starting on Sundays...oops!

What I Miss: Not much! Weight Watcher's focuses on portion control rather than deprivation. But I have realized there are more filling foods than chips, so I've missed snacking on those.

Overview: This was a good week on so many levels. Obviously because I lost four more pounds and made it over my first hurdle. I was also able to finally hit the 15 minute mark on my first mile and slightly over that on my second.

This week at our meeting we talked about setting a big goal along with several mini ones. I'm praying a lot about my final goal. I know that sounds funny, but for me this journey isn't just about being skinny again. It's also about breaking free from the Stronghold of food in my life. Right now that looks like taking control and a living healthy lifestyle, but at the other end of the spectrum is hyper-awareness of health the Stronghold of food obsession. I want to be free and so I am asking God for direction in that realm.

My mini goal is to lose 5 pounds each month which is in the healthy range for weight loss. Additionally, I want to increase my workout intensity each month. For October, I will continue walking one mile, but the second mile will be on the elliptical. I also plan to add upper body weight lifting three days a week.

I am so excited about this new journey and support I have received. And I am praising God for each new milestone!!

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  1. Awesome!! Hubby is doing Weight Watchers, which means I am unofficially doing it too! If you have any great (and easy!) recipes please send them my way!