Saturday, September 10, 2011

When You Know, You Know

If you've read my blog for very long you know that Eric and I do life at sonic speed. Really. We graduated college, got married, started our careers, bought a house and had a baby all within an 18 month time span.

In fact, we only dated five months before getting engaged and were married less than eight months later. I can't even begin to tell you how many people asked how I could be so sure that Eric was "the one," in such a short amount of time. Well... when you know you know!

I have never doubted my decision and feel like a newlywed nearly three years later!! Anyway, tonight we went to a wedding for some friends from church. Let me tell you...THEY KNOW!!

They both glowed with the joy and hope that only love can bring. It was precious and contagious and so refreshing.

Eli fell asleep on the way, so he was in a great mood for the ceremony.

Here are Sabrina, Eli and I with the bride. She looked beautiful!!

I had to post this because Eli has the biggest crush on Haven. I'm pretty sure he was devastated that she has feelings for another man...haha!

Me and baby Griffin...such a doll!

And finally, a family photo. Please ignore that fact that we are squishing Eli and that my hair was a hot mess. It was so humid and ended up raining after the ceremony.

They say if it rains on your wedding day it is good luck, but I don't think they need it. They have a built the foundation of their love on Christ...and that's all that matters.

Congrats Mr and Mrs. Broady!!

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