Saturday, October 15, 2011

Storytime With Eli

Ya'll know that I love raising a miniature Denis The Menace because it always gives me a story to tell. We'll here's two more for the books.

The other morning when I was in the shower Eli woke up yelling for Eric saying, "hurry daddy, hurry, hurry." Of course Eric dashed to the room and discovered a little blond boy with pitiful outstretched arms, a horrified eyes.

Being the oh, so wonderful father he is Eric scooped up the terrified toddler and put him our bed telling me of the incident later that day. So, when I picked Eli up from daycare our conversation went a little like this"

Me: Eli, did you have a bad dream?

Eli: Yes.

Me: Oh, no! What happened?

Eli: A fish.

Me: You dreamed about a fish?

Eli: Yes

Me: What happened?

Eli: Oh no, a fish mommy. Hurry, Hurry a fish!!

I haven't a clue what he was taking about, but we was getting upset again so I dropped the conversation. Needless to say, we will not be watching Finding Nemo anytime soon!


Last Thursday while I was cleaning up the kitchen, my sense of smell indicated a sadly familiar stench...poo! So like any other mother, I changed Eli's diaper but left him to run around in the buff since it was almost bath time anyway.

After finishing my domestic duties I went to the computer to check my email while Eli was playing well by himself. Suddenly, I became aware that he was the kitchen.

I walked in to find him standing up in the chair with one leg resting on the table. He was strip stark naked with all his glory displayed for me to see, AND he was eating an apple. It was like a scene from the Garden of Eden. A naked figure eating forbidden least forbidden fruit for Eli since he chokes on the skin.

So my naked boy was quite content to be eating and apple and singing. LOVE is spunk!! Oh, the table got a thorough cleaning that night!!

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