Monday, October 3, 2011


Well Hello friends! Turns out that September was a bad blog month for me, but with a lot of fun planned for October I vow to do better!

In fact as soon as I upload the picture, I plan to post about my successful week at Weight Watchers.

I also have some photos from our anniversary get-a-way weekend that I want to share, and a sappy post tomorrow for the big day itself.

Then there is WILW and Thrifty Thursday.

Plus, you still need to see pictures from our family photo session, I'm taking Eli to the orchard again one day, and my brother and his girlfriend are coming down this weekend! Goodness, it looks like I'll be a GREAT blogger this week!

Sadly, it has to wait a few more hours because I have to finish a few things at work, go to the gym, and swing by the grocery!

Until then....

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