Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm Lovin'

It's What I'm Lovin' Wednesday again, and I'm linking up with Jamie to play along.

I'm LOVIN' Pininterest! I don't get to play much, so I want to show off my finds today!

I've LOVIN' this super cute coat. I have a coat in every color but green and pink, so one like this would be classy and cute at the same time. Christmas present potential...HINT HINT!!

Speaking of Christmas, I'm LOVIN' that as of yesterday it's TWO months away!

I'm LOVIN' this fancy twist on chocolate milk.

I'm LOVIN' that it may be a great treat to serve at our Pumpkin Carving Party this weekend!

While we're talking about the weekend, I'm LOVIN' that we are going to be busy at "Monster Mash," "Trunk or Treat," and TWO "Trick or Treating" events. Expect lots of pictures in the next few day!

I'm LOVIN' this precious reminder today.

I'm also LOVIN' this awesome kitchen organization!!

On a more personal note, I'm LOVIN' that I got to spend lots of time with family this past weekend.

I'm LOVIN' that Eli's cousin Paisley is turning one year old today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I've LOVIN' that Eric is home from Florida!

In general, I'm LOVIN' my boys today!!