Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A World Of Difference

I think sometimes in the midst of daily routines and the monotony of every day life, we sometimes neglect to see the priceless treasures in ordinary moments. Take blogging for example, for the past two years I have documented weekend outings, home makeovers, birthdays, holidays, and every other major event.

It's the less exciting stuff like nightly dinners and bedtime routines that fall to the waste side, which is sad. When I remember "days gone by" my first thoughts aren't of family gatherings and summer vacations. They are of ordinary moments like when Eric and I used to play cards on the back deck every night, or when I used to read Eli the same three books every afternoon. As is expected in life, these routines change with every passing year but they are part of our family story and memories in which we find great joy.

One of the "routine" items that has fallen to the sidelines this fall is our trips to the park. At least two days a week I take Eli to the park as soon as I pick him up from daycare. He even asks to "side" (aka slide) when I get him every afternoon.

I know that in a year I'll want to remember what he was like and what we did to pass the time, so yesterday I took the camera along. You know, so I would never forget.

We start by getting a walnut and stick.

Then we take it to the baseball field

where we play a little game and run the bases.

Then Mommy gets tired and begs Eli to play on the "little slides" for a few minutes.

Next, we gather as many acorns as our hands can hold

and head to the sand box for a few minutes.

Why we need acorns I'll never know, but it is a great distraction from the ball fields.

Next we head to the "big slides" which are much closer to the car. Thus, insuring a smoother transition when it's time to leave.

Eli just learned to climb the ladder this year, but his new found independence makes mommy a nervous mess.

After one FINAL slide, we head to the van praying to avoid a meltdown!!

Sometimes I find myself checking Facebook or emails on my phone, and I have to remind myself that come this time next year, he won't need or even want my company while he plays.

So you see, I am soaking up this fall and the ordinary moments that will seem so extraordinary this time next year. After all, one year can make...

A world of difference!!

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  1. Wow! I remember reading this post last year. I cant believe he grew up that much right in front of me and I didnt even realize it! Better get used to it I guess?