Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Friday

Our Black Friday started at 10pm on Thursday thanks to Wal-Mart! We weren't going for anything specific, but since all-night shopping is a big deal in our house, we went...and I am so glad!

We bought TONS of DVDs and a few other presents we needed to finish up. We also stood in line for a 19" TV for our bedroom...score!! I kept seeing on Facebook where Wal-Mart slacked in organization, but the one we were at was beyond wonderful.

They had vouchers for each item along with lines defined by cation tape and "manned" by two employees. If you left the line, you had to return your voucher. Big items were on the outside of aisles and smaller items were in the middle of the store with balloons indicating their price. I was impressed!!

We made it home early Friday morning and pretty much slept the day away before we all loaded up and went to Paducah for dinner and more Christmas shopping.

Eli carried his cars in a pencil box, but decided throwing them on the floor was more fun. Needless to say, it was a horrible dinner in terms of behavior!

After dinner we headed to see the lights at a local park. Eli was mesmerized!! He just clapped his hands and squealed. I can not wait to to take him to Opryland Hotel later this season.

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing. We stuck around the house, watched lots of holiday movies, took some much needed naps, and ate my mother-in-law's most amazing food!

And since I failed at getting an annual Thanksgiving picture...this will have to do.

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