Sunday, November 13, 2011

Story Time With Eli

On Friday I mentioned that Eli had broken a Christmas ornament while shopping, so I had to share how it all went down. Eric was off work for Veteran's Day, so he and Eli met me in town for lunch. Afterwards, we all went shopping. Fast forward six hours, when I take Eric back to his car. He needed to buy some oil for the van and rent a movie for later that night, so he went on. Meanwhile, I decided to run by Kohl's with Eli to use a coupon I had. Mistake Number One.

He was a little cranky upon arrival and of course there weren't any buggies for him to ride in, so I let him walk. Mistake Number Two.

I was looking for a Christmas gift, so we went straight back to the seasonal section. Mistake Number Three.

Well, Eli decided that the globes were more interesting than following mommy. In fear of a meltdown, I tricked him into my aisle by telling him I'd found Louie. Mistake Number Four.

Eager to see the dog, he quickly ran into my aisle at which point I handed him the puppy ornament. Mistake Number Five.

Quite fond of my little decoy, I resumed shopping while keeping an eye on Eli who was quietly playing with the new "toy." He was holding the ornament by the ribbon and "walking" the dog up and down the aisle.

All of a sudden he runs up to me and says, "Oh no, Mommy. Louie got a boo boo." You can imagine my dismay when I turn around to discover that Louie did indeed have a boo boo. In fact, he was now missing two legs.

Yeah, I'm the woman who has to go to the cash register with a broken ornament in hand trying to explain why my son is now traumatized and their merchandise destroyed. Luckily, they were super nice about the whole ordeal and didn't make me pay for the broken ornament.

Lesson Learned: Toddlers and ornaments DO NOT mix!!!

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