Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

We spent a quiet weekend here in Bowling Green for the first time in a long time. After Eli fell asleep Friday night, Eric and I watched the movie Bridesmaids and snacked on some popcorn. Saturday morning my sweet hubby let me sleep in while he took baby was Heavenly!

He also surprised me with breakfast and changed the oil in my van while I caught up on laundry. That afternoon I went to Elizabethtown to see my "sister" Shonelle who was in town for her wedding reception.

Shonelle and I met when we competed in Miss Richmond Area together. She became the winner and I was the teen queen. She was a wonderful mentor and incredible friend. I cherish those memories we made! Anyway, as you can see she was a beautiful bride!!

I had to leave the reception a little early to get back home to my boys who were waiting for Nan & Grandad to arrive. When I made it back to town, we ate dinner at Olive Garden and hung out at the hotel. Then Eli, Eric and I fell asleep on the air mattress watching Gnomeo and Juliet.

Of course we went to church on Sunday before meeting Eric's mom and dad at the mall. Eli thought he was big stuff sitting at the table and eating a hamburger! Santa was already out and although Eli wasn't dressed for pictures, we decided to let him talk with Jolly Ole Saint Nick to break the ice. He wouldn't set in Santa's lap, but he didn't freak out either...I'd call that a success.

While shopping Eli scored a baseball from Grandad, a bouncy ball from Nan, and a Muno toy from Daddy. He's not spoiled or anything! Haha!

He fell asleep on the way home, but when he woke up we let him put up the Christmas tree in his room which is a BIG deal considering I DO NOT decorate before Thanksgiving. Oh well, anything to see that boy smile!

One more thing I want to remember about the weekend: Just after Eric and I went to bed we heard a very loud and unusual noise, almost like someone was trying to get in the house. However, non of the security lights were on and the alarm never sounded.

Thinking perhaps something had fallen, Eric went through the house checking each room, all the closets, and even the attic. Upon discovering nothing out of the ordinary he returned to bed.

Well, this morning as I was getting my Diet Coke out of the refrigerator I discovered the culprit...a soda can had exploded all over the place...ha! Glad to know it wasn't an intruder!

Hope your weekend was equally was fun!

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