Monday, December 12, 2011


Ya'll this is exactly how I feel today! It's has been the Monday from "you know where." Haha!

Before I get into the details, let me recap our super awesome weekend!

Friday: I worked late because I had a meeting for some exciting things coming up on the show in January, so stay tuned. Afterwards, I had to rush around get Eli, buy diapers, get him packed, pick up Eric and meet my in-laws for dinner. They were watching Eli for the weekend so we could go to my Christmas Party at work. Well, we made it home BABY FREE at which point I fell asleep on the couch watching "Four Christmas'"... Exciting Night!

Saturday: Eric and I slept the morning away before heading to Smith's Grove to support the Fire Department's BBQ fundraiser. Sadly, it was dinner only. So we grabbed a burger before heading home to get some work done around the house. Eric got a lot accomplished on Louie's underground fence, and I managed to clean out the linen closet...A MAJOR feat!! Saturday evening we enjoyed a night out at my work Christmas Party before heading home to watch another movie which point I fell asleep again!

Sunday: We kept the nursery at church, enjoyed an quiet BBQ lunch to make up for the one we missed out on on Saturday, and then met Eric's parents to get our boy. After that, it was a quick trip to the grocery store and community groups at church. We played some basketball and watched "Monster vs. Aliens" with Eli before bed.

Well, my Monday hasn't gone quite so smoothly. For starters, I forgot all of my make-up at home which means I had to go on air looking near death. Luckily, Eric was able to bring it to me, so I looked slightly more alive for the rest of my interviews. I then found out that BOTH side of our family will be coming for Christmas.

There are no words to tell you how excited I am about having everyone here!! I haven't been home for Christmas in two years, so to spend it with my family is amazing! Plus, I know it will be precious for Eli to have both sets of grandparents here to celebrate with him....did I mention that I AM SO EXCITED!!

Now, here is the crazy part...take a look at my "To Do" list between now and Christmas:

1. Take Christmas Pictures
2. Order Christmas Cards
3. Address & Mail Christmas Cards
4. Polar Express
5. Work Premeir Party
6> BGMU Christmas Party
7. Finish Christmas Shopping
8. Shop & Deliver "Angel" Gifts
9. Santa Cow Pictures
10. Breakfast With Santa
11. Opryland Lights
12. Host Family Christmas!!

This is in addition to daily things like work, working out, cleaning, cooking and laundry. Oh well, it is a blessed time of year, and I am so excited to get to share it with the ones I love. Plus, it makes for some good blogging!

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