Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Parade

Every year my co-workers and I have to ride in several local Christmas parades to represent our station WNKY. Luckily the temperatures are still pretty mild here in early December, so it's not too bad! This year we had to do three parades all in one weekend, so Eric and I volunteered to take care of Smith's Grove because it is where we go to church and Eli goes to daycare.
We loaded up the station vehicle with Eli and Radar The Weather Dog. The plan was for Eric to drive, Eli to throw candy from his car seat, and for me and Radar to walk ahead of them. Turns out the sounds and lights were a little intimidating for my four-legged friend, so I sat in the passenger seat with the dog in my lap....Good times!!

The parade finished up in our church parking lot which was perfect because we were able to join in the adoption celebration for one of our families. Sadly, the combination of a dog and a toddler proved to be too complicated for us, so we decided to leave.
Now these two guys are making my house quite noisy as they cheer are the Louisville Cardinals.


  1. How fun!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and had a blast with Radar! I'm sure Eli really enjoyed him being around!

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