Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Randoms

It's FINALLY Friday, ya'll!! Can I please stop right here and express how much it stresses me out that spell check says "ya'll" is not a word...I BEG TO DIFFER!!!

Moving on. This has been a VERY long week for me. I've been experiencing this mixture of fatigue and boredom. It's like I'm too tired to do anything, but bored when I don't...weird! Anyway, that's why I love this poster's motivation.

I have been running hard core lately and I love it!! I like this new perspective on sweat too.

One time when I was in a pageant, the motivational speaker said we weren't sweating we were glistening...yeah right!

Oh, before we continue in our Friday randoms, all of the pictures on here today are courtesy of pinterest.

I thought this pearl ornament was a cute gift idea. It's perfect for the Southern Belle in your life.

I mean it encompasses pearls, bows, and pink. I can't think of a better example of true Southern artistry.

Speaking of Southern Belles, I thought this saying should become my new life motto...haha!

It would come in handy on days when my two year old breaks Christmas ornaments and knocks over crystal bowls...just sayin'!

This next pictures is completely random and so totally NOT my style....but it's crazy. I mean I literally get a headache looking at it. Sorry if you have the same results.

I know in my mind that it's fishing wire, but my eyes just can't believe it. It's sorta like an adult version of Santa. Real or not real? Hmmm....

While we are talking about Christmas, check out this dress. I ADORE it!! My company Christmas party is this weekend, and if I could find something like this to wear it would bless my heart so much.

Speaking of a "company" party, it reminds me that I'm still at work, and need to actually work...haha! Happy Friday!!!

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