Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making A List And Checking It Twice

After a near heart attack yesterday, I am feeling much better about all the Christmas festivities and everything we need to do to prepare.

1. First I made a list of EVERY SINGLE thing that needs to be done...large and small.

2. I then assigned each thing a day on the calendar to ensure that everything gets done. Some days are stressful like heading to the post office, and other days are fun like going to Opryland. Either way, we are much more organized.

3. After making my calendar, I made a Christmas menu and assigned every single item a chef. Meaning I decided who would bring what. Of course, Eric and I will be doing the bulk of the cooking since we are hosting.

4. Upon determining what we are responsible for, I gathered all my recipes and put them in one place for easy access. Of course I added each ingredient to a grocery list which brings me to...

5. My final list...GROCERIES!!

Sounds obsessive, but it's really just a game plan. Everything is written in pencil and can be changed easily. Now all I have to do it enjoy the next 12 days....TWELVE DAYS!!!

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