Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mommy Jeans

Let's talk about clothes for a minute...can we? I don't know about you, but since becoming a mom I feel like "Raggedy Anne in a Barbie Doll world." Please tell me you feel that way too sometimes.

I mean I'm walking around with all these extra pounds for starters. Even with new and BIGGER clothes nothing seems to look so good anymore. I'm not saying I want to look like the Kardashians, but Rosanne isn't exactly the look I had in mind either.

I mean this Saturday Night LIVE skit is so what I thought I would wear when I was "older." Were there any other choices for moms in the 90's?

I guess we do have some modern day role models. Just look at this transformation....I JOKE!!

So for the rest of us who don't exploit our children on television in order to get plastic surgery, what do we do?

I want CUTE, modern, modest clothes for my changing body. Is that to much to ask? Pinterest has some inspiring ideas, but their models are missing one crucial accessory...a screaming kid!
This leaves me with a question for you my dear readers. How would you feel about some guest posts from REAL LIFE mommies who are rebelling against the 1990's Lee Jean crazy, not conforming to the unrealistic pressure from celebrity moms, and instead embracing their new role and new style?

Would you want to read or contribute?

1 comment:

  1. Yes Yes yes!! This momma needs some help STAT! I am hating all pants right now.