Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches" ...unless you belong to Eli !!

Eli is very into Christmas this year which really surprised me. We need to work on the whole Baby Jesus thing because he things the babe in the manger is Baby Eli!! We're getting there.

He does know who Santa, Frosty and Rudolph are, which I'm sure is part of hearing about it at daycare. He loves to sing "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town," "Jingle Bells," and "Frosty The Snowman." But hands down his favorite Christmas song is, "Oh, Christmas Tree!"

Turns out, he really enjoys decorating this $10 tree we got on sale after Christmas last year. We put it in his room just before Thanksgiving and decorated it up with ribbons, candy canes, plastic red, gold and green ornaments, and a few baseballs.

Apparently, Eli doesn't like our style because he has taken it up on himself to redecorate the tree on a daily basis. I thought you might enjoy some pictures of a few things I've found.

Just yesterday he added this Mickey Mouse stuffed animal. I can't believe he knew how to use the tag as a hook!

This souvenir baseball glove from the Atlanta Braves was added to the tree by Daddy per Eli's request.

There are also a pair a pliers nabbed by our toddler....

and several of my necklaces. In fact, I regularly discover missing jewelery!

Oh, we can't forget this Brobee toy. It was added by Eric, but Eli likes to take credit!

My little thief totally took the above star off the family tree and found these mittens in the coat closet!

Don't worry too much about his little habit of taking things...he shares too! In fact, our tree in the living room now sports a Hawaiian necklace! But not for long. Shh

Back to the the ornaments on Eli's tree. I found these at the Dollar Tree. I got six for $1. My boys colored them and put them on display. Of course, they regularly move locations but are always eye level to a toddler!

Oh, I almost forgot last years Tick Or Treat bucket. Having a playroom sure has it's perks when it come to re-purposing old toys!

We found this stocking at a flee market last year but never used it. No worries though. Eli found it and made sure to display it.

I would like to conclude this little tour of the tree with a glance at the tree topper. Elmo made yet another appearance this holiday when he showed up as the tree topper! Ha! I kid you not, Eli cried until Eric added last year's Halloween costume to the top of the tree.

Other items I have discovered on the tree that are not pictured here include coat hangers, whistles, and shopping receipts. Don't worry! All paper "ornaments" have been taken down do to being fire hazard!

Have I mentioned how much I adore having a toddler. Especially around the holidays!!

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