Monday, December 19, 2011

The Season Of Giving

If ya'll are like me, you spend a lot of time and energy trying come up with inexpensive, yet meaningful gifts for virtually everyone in your life...and it can be stressful. I recently heard a story about "Gift Ideas For Your Garbage Man." Um, no thanks! I pay a heck of a lot of money for this service. Sorry, but I'm not buying a gift for someone I have never met!!

I did however, want to get Eli's teachers something special. If you recall, we put him in a new daycare in January. Since attending he has never been sick, he's learned all of his colors, can county to ten, and sings his ABC's. The staff is amazing, and their love for children is evident.

Although I wanted to do something big, it was almost impossible because he has NINE teachers. Luckily, I came across a Black Friday sale at Bath & Body Works for hand soap. I bought it up and stashed it in the closet for later.

Next I searched Pinterest for "soap sayings." Once I found one I liked, I had Eric design me something in Photoshop. (The other print out is for his two male teachers who I doubted would appreciate soap..ha)

I then gathered my supplies which included scissors, a hole puncher, and come Christmas ribbon leftover from last year,

Of course I wanted to wrap them pretty too. The dollar tree had 2 bags for $1 and tissue paper for $1. I spent $8 total on wrapping...SCORE!!

After I had gathered up all my supplies, I started cutting out the tags.

Next I used the hole punch to make a place for the Christmas ribbon.

Then I tied it to the soap for this cute little present which I gave to all seven of his female teachers.

For the two male teachers I had Eric design and print out this little saying I came up with while shopping. I then purchased a basketball, board game, and Santa Gumball Dispenser at the Dollar Tree for a total of $6.

Finally I added all of the goodies to the gift bags, and there you have inexpensive Christmas gift for teachers.

Wrapping... $8

Male Teachers... $6

Soaps... $20

Print Outs... FREE

Total Cost $34

I was pleased to be able to give a little something to these wonderful people who take such good care of my precious boy!

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