Friday, January 6, 2012

Mommy / Son Day

Because I'm a working momma, my time with Eli is quite precious. I mean between working, cleaning, cooking, and laundry our "one one one" time together is limited.

I of course include him in as many tasks as possible and take time to talk and sing with him while I busy around. I also make time each day to just play, but I want to be really intentional about spending special time with him each week. Last year I marked Thursdays on my calendar to go above and beyond when it comes to our time together and I look forward to carrying this tradition into 2012.
Yesterday we went to the library. It amazes me how something so mundane can truly delight a toddler. He was so excited! We checked out a few books on "big boy beds" to read since we are making the transition this weekend. We also picked up an Elmo Potty Time dvd since that is also something we are working on in the Watson home.

After the library we went Wendy's to get a a little treat. Can you tell he was enjoying the Frosty? We talked about the big boy he is becoming, pottying, and his new bed. It's hard to believe that I can carry on a conversation with him. This time last year we was barely talking!!

I know it doesn't sound like much, and maybe it isn't, but for now the library and Wendy's are just as exciting as going to the movies! Needless to say, I'm cashing in on his enthusiasm and embracing these sweet memories.

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