Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Goals

I interviewed a guest yesterday who specializes in helping people reach their goals. He informed me that the first step is always righting them down. Before we get to that, I should say that I don't typically come up with New Year Resolutions. Instead I focus on a word like "joy" or "faith." I find when I focus on a spiritual trait, it overflows into the rest of my life.

This year my word it "stewardship." I want to be a better steward of everything the Lord has blessed me with including my relationship with Him, my role as a wife and mother, my health, my time, and my finances. So, here are my "goals" based on my word for the year.

1. To Fall More Deeply In Love With Christ: I don't think it is ever ok to become complacent in our walks with the Lord. Last year I resolved to have a more consistent quiet time. I don't want to simply check that off my list. I want to build on that. I want to fall more in love with my Savior this year. I want to be so blinded by His light that everything else (including the rest of my list) will grow dim! If this is my priority, everything else will fall into place, or it simply won't matter.

2. To Make Eli Sleep: He's actually doing much better, so this could be narrowed a bit by working on a better bedtime routine....like one that actually works!

3. Become A Better Stewart Of My Finances: We don't believe in credit cards, but we aren't quite ready to jump on the Dave Ramsey wagon yet. We want to be completely debt free, but to be frank, childcare is WAY too expensive. So for now, we will continue to live within our means and work more on the savings part!

4. To Stick To A Routine: I actually did a lot better with this toward the end of the year, so I want to build on it. Because we both work and live so far out in the country, our schedule is pretty predictable. It's the "chores" that I want to be more routine about.

Monday: Clean

Tuesday: Grocery

Wednesday: Play Date & Church

Thursday: Clean Car & Mommy/Son Day

Friday: Pay Bills

Saturday: Fun Day

Sunday: Grooming Day (Nails, Waxing, ect.)

5. To Run A Mini Marathon: Let's face it. I have really struggled with my weight, so I want to focus on something else this year. I have always loved to run but never actually done a race. I think this goal will give me something to push toward with tangible results. Plus, it has major benefits like WEIGHT LOSS! I already have a 3K, 5K, 10K and Mini Marathon picked out and on the calendar. With October being the big month!!

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  1. Morgan, My husband and I don't believe in accruing debt on credit cards at all either. Actually, we don't even believe in financing anything except a house. When we first got married, I brought in a lot of debt from student loans, medical bills, dumb college credit cards, etc. However, we immediately began the Dave Ramsey class and hated it at first - it's a huge... HUGE change. However, just two years later, we are beyond blessed. We still stick to the general rule of it and we have credit cards but use them for the perks (cash back, airline miles, etc) and pay them all off at the end of every month so absolutely no interest is paid. It's been an amazing transformation, and I definitely recommend it! Happy New Year! You're little guy is growing so fast!