Friday, February 17, 2012

Girl Friends

Normally Thursdays are our Mommy/Son Days, but this week we decided to share the wealth with some friends we haven't seen in a while...Eli's girlfriends Emma, Macy and Abby.

Here are Eli and Macy crusing around the house. I'll be a nervous wreck when they start driving real cars instead of choo-choo trains and Radio Fylers. At least Eli practices safety and wears a helmet while operating machinery.
The girls brought Eli a little Valentine Cupcake. I have a feeling there may be love budding here.
They also snacked on Cheetos...
and Eli stole a few kisses. Could this be my future daughter-in-law??
Oh yeah, they ate some bananas and snuggled in the chair. All appropriated at this age, but not so much in the teenage years...ha!
So precious are these three!!
Oh, and their Momma made us this wonderful tile for our kitchen. No doubt about it, we're crazy for the Lindsey Girls!

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